Who I am

Hi, I'm Richard. I work at leading technology companies in senior product roles, helping teams of product managers, engineers and designers to create world class applications.


.net Magazine

In the April 2013 issue of .net magazine I chatted to indie game developers about how easy it now is for web professionals to create an iOS and Android game. I also spoke to the leading mobile SDKs Corona, GameSalad, and Gideros.

In a feature I wrote for the November 2012 issue of .net magazine I argue that a healthy curiosity in human nature helps us create delightful sites and apps.


I’m a contributor to Offscreen magazine.

In issue #5 I interviewed Jon Hicks about being a colourblind designer, creating globally recognised icons, and how cycling changed his life.

In issue #4 I interviewed Jeremy Keith about playing the bouzouki, and why his job as Technical Director involves a lot of goofing off on the Internet!

I also put together a handy international conference guide, so you’ll know where to spend your time (and money!) in 2013.

In issue #3 I interviewed Chris Coyier from CSS Tricks on everything from working at Wufoo to the zombie apocalypse!

In issue #2 I interviewed the wonderful Ged Maheux from IconFactory.

Smashing Magazine

I've written a number of articles for Smashing Magazine, including:

Think Vitamin

Think Vitamin, a blog from the Carsonified team, is now part of Treehouse. Some of the articles I wrote include:

  • HTML5 Audio Unplugged
  • Fun with HTML5 Forms
  • Twitter @Anywhere Revisited
  • Getting Started with HTML5 Video
  • Getting Started with WordPress Custom Menus
  • Create your first WordPress Custom Post Type
  • WordPress 3.0 for Web Designers