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Jon Hicks

Jon Hicks

For issue #5 of Offscreen I interviewed Jon Hicks, iconic (pardon the pun!) designer and cycling enthusiast.

I asked Jon what keeps him excited about his job and the industry. Here’s a short extract…

I’d love to create my own “thing”. Whether that’s an app, book, product or something wildly different, I don’t know yet. It wouldn’t necessarily replace client work completely, but something to keep work fresh and interesting. I left a full time job to go freelance because I wanted to continue the “coalface” creative work, not go further in management. Ten years ago, it was web design that excited me, but I have no idea what it will be in the future. I’m pretty sure it’s something that doesn’t exist yet!

Jon is fascinating and friendly, and was a joy to talk to. To read the whole interview head on over to Offscreen to grab a copy of issue #5. Or why not subscribe today!

Deniz Aslı Soykurum Çetin

Deniz Aslı Soykurum Çetin / Gideros Mobile

Meet Deniz Aslı Soykurum Çetin, CEO and founder of Gideros Mobile. I spoke to Deniz for a recent feature in .net Magazine on indie gaming. Here’s the interview in full for you to enjoy…

Mobile SDKs are lowering the barrier to entry for indie game developers. In an already saturated market is this a good thing?

I think there is always room for great games. I know there are hundreds of games with little or no innovation but every once in a while, comes a great game, a revisited concept or a new one. It inspires game developers everywhere to make better games. So I think it is a good thing, indie game developers should be supported. The Continue reading

Walter Luh

Walter Luh / Corona Labs

Walter Luh, CEO of CoronaLabs, spoke to me about the rise of the indie game developer. I was interviewing him for a feature in .net Magazine, and here is the interview in full…

Mobile SDKs are lowering the barrier to entry for indie game developers. In an already saturated market is this a good thing?

Absolutely, I see apps as a creative expression, so the more folks are participating — creating and publishing apps — the better.

Think of apps as just another kind of content, like movies. Fifty years ago, you had to have big Hollywood budgets to produce a movie. Today, you can create amazing movies with shoestring budgets. It’s possible for an indie to Continue reading

Steve Felter

Steve Felter / GameSalad

I recently spoke to Steve Felter, CEO of GameSalad, for a feature in .net Magazine. Here’s the interview in full…

Mobile SDKs are lowering the barrier to entry for indie game developers. In an already saturated market is this a good thing?

A lot of the innovation we see happening in the mobile games industry is coming from indie developers. Many of the larger studios typically release sequels to their proven games or variations of hits from the indie market. With Continue reading

Hugo Bonacci

Hugo Bonacci / Hugoware

For a recent feature in .net Magazine I interviewed indie game developer Hugo Bonacci about his iOS and Android game Kung-Fu Clash.

Kung-Fu Clash

I asked him what advice would you give to other web designers who want to create their own indie game. Here’s a short extract…

Come up with an idea first: Don’t start developing until you have a fairly good idea of what you’re going to do. Take some paper and just sketch out ideas and determine what kinds of resources you’re going to need (art, backgrounds, screens, menus). Having an inventory of what needs to be done goes a long way in staying organized, tracking progress, and identifying remaining work.

Make sure you check out the full interview.

Graham Ranson

Graham Ranson / Glitch Games

I recently interview Graham Ranson from Glitch Games for a feature in .net Magazine. I asked him about the creation of their hit game Forever Lost, and how making indie games is becoming more accessible to all.

Here’s the interview in full…

Graham, can you tell us a bit about the history of Glitch games?

Glitch Games was born through a joint desire between both myself and my co-founder Simon to avoid any ‘real’ work with a 9-to-5 job, make some games and have a lot of fun along the way.

We have known each other since school however went to different universities. It was only after Uni ended and the crushing Continue reading

Ville Koskela

Ville Koskela / Angry Birds, Rovio

I recently interviewed Ville Koskela, the lead game programmer behind Angry Birds Friends for an article in Smashing Magazine.

Here is the full interview with Ville…

What were you doing before joining Rovio and how did you get the job?

I worked as a software architect in Sulake, the company behind the teenager online chat world Habbo Hotel. In Sulake I had been one of the two guys leading the conversion of Habbo Hotel from Shockwave to Flash version. I had naturally read about the success of Angry Birds and checked Rovio’s website at some point but back then there was no web team yet and even if I had done mobile Continue reading


New Interviews Section

I’ve put together a new interviews section to the site!

This new area includes all the people I’ve spoken to over the last couple of years for .net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, Offscreen and Think Vitamin (now Treehouse).

I’ve been lucky enough to talk to the likes of Chris Coyier, Ryan Singer, Jeremy Keith and the teams behind Nike Better World and to name just a few.

And with more interviews lined up over the coming months, there’ll be lots more to read and learn. I hope you enjoy :)