How to remove the smiley face from a WordPress blog

So a little smiley face appears at the bottom of your blog, and it looks like this:

Well ain’t that the cutest thing! But what is it?

It’s the little .gif file that the WordPress Stats plug-in uses to monitor your page. It does so with some code like this…

<img src="" alt="" />;

…where the #’s are various characters. It’s all mystic WordPress voodoo which you don’t need to worry about.

Now I actually like the smiley face, but some people want to remove it from their blog. And it’s easy to do.

In wp-admin, head over to Appearance > Editor > style.css (or whatever your main style sheet is named). You then just add this bit of CSS:

/* Let's remove that WordPress Stats Smiley Face ! */
img#wpstats {
     display: none;

There you have it! We’re just using plain and simple css to remove the smiley face from the screen, but still loading it so the page view gets counted.

So now you know how to remove the WordPress Stats smiley face. The question is, do you really want to?!

25 thoughts on “How to remove the smiley face from a WordPress blog”

  1. Aren’t this suppose to do the trick? :

    WordPress Admin -> Settings -> Writing -> Formatting -> uncheck [ ] “Convert emoticons …”


    PS: Great tuts on Jquery on your site…thanks!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for this info and it did work. I knew some plugin is causing this however did not know that this was WP Stats. I appreciate that.

  3. Christopher – thanks for this post. Cute? Maybe… but I thought my site had been hacked. Cute? I don’t think so… because the Smiley doesn’t show up when working on my site from my primary computer (where I installed the plugin from). The smiley only shows up to visitors and I only noticed once I viewed my website while traveling. WTF. This sure makes it seem like an effort to hide the smiley, if so why? And why not tell us about it and allow control? I have to seriously question what this plugins true goals are. Uninstalled for me until I find out.

  4. Maaaan, that’d been bugging me for awhile. I’ve been tweaking/editing a simple theme for awhile now and couldn’t figure out where that thing was coming from!

  5. Ahh, genius. Thanks for this. It only seems to show to people who aren’t logged in, which is why people are reporting that it shows up in different browsers. My guess is that people are checking it in other browsers where they’re not logged into WordPress, which is why they’re seeing it – even when it’s not displaying in their browser of choice.

  6. This was seriously, the easiest WordPress “fix” I have ever found (I spend a lot of time wading through responses from coders who have no idea how to communicate where/how info very clearly). Thank you for posting and being so clear about it.

  7. How do you stop wordpress from converting happy face things like :x from making faces. I need it to show the test not the happy face.

  8. I’m not too concerned about a little smiley face on my site so much as I thought my site was hacked. I built the site about 6 months ago and today was the first time I saw it. I’m glad I found your site.


  9. Thank you for this! My blog is designed with an image in the footer, so the smiley face was actually creating white empty space below it in order to be seen. Not a big deal, but aesthetically annoying.

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