Welcome! But please come back later…

Hello there.

So my first question is, how on earth did you find this page? RichardShepherd.com should be hidden from those nasty search engines at the moment, so if you’ve found me then please – go away!

Actually, stick around and forgive the ‘work-in-progress’ feel to the site. It’s still being optimised and customised so who knows what might work and what might break.

Anyhoo – I need to carry on giving this theme a damn good spanking so I’ll catch you on the finished site* very soon.


* Like a website could ever be ‘finished’. Nooch.

2 thoughts on “Welcome! But please come back later…”

  1. hehe found your site by google-ing ‘please come back later’…it was on the very top of the list. ‘hidden’ is something elese…have a nice day anayway!

    greetings from switzerland


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